Digital Tribes is not a freelance platform, we are people and we'll work for you

Digital Tribes takes all the work out of the hands of the freelancer, the remote team and the client. We have a good relationship with the freelancers, the teams and know what the client is looking for. Clients provides us with project description and we match them with the best vetted freelance specialists or teams.

Who we are

Small but experienced team

Let us do all the work. We've 20+ years of experience in the Recruitment industry

Many long-term clients

We'll make sure to provide the best IT specialists or teams for the best rates

No platform, People working for you

Our platform supports our services; it is not leading.

Fair and transparent

Digital Tribes is transparent about margins and hourly rates.

How it works

Send us your availablity or project

Let us know when you want to start on a new project

We'll find a match

Digital Tribes will discuss the best projects with you via phone or email

Start working together

Digital Tribes draws up the contracts and keeps in close contact with you

Digital Tribes - Managed Freelance Agency

Digital Tribes is not a platform, we are people and we work for you
Digital Tribes is an expert in Freelance IT specialist management and in building temporary support & development teams focused on customer demand.

Digital Tribes finds, assesses and presents the best Freelance IT specialist or team for your project. Supported by a first-class freelance management system that our clients can access (but don't have to).

One Freelance IT specialist or a development team, at the right time, flexible, scalable and cost-effective for any web, app or e-commerce related IT project.

We ensure that your team always operates at full strength.

We know about 7000 freelance specialists in the Netherlands and abroad. The Freelance IT specialists are the best vetted and experienced freelance specialists | contractors | digital nomads in the field. We are in continuous dialogue with freelancers | contractors | digital nomads in The Netherlands and all over the world.

Using marketing techniques and through continuous community management we will constantly update our vetted freelance management system and build long-lasting relationships with freelance talent. Our clients know for sure they can choose between the best freelance specialists for the project.

And the most interesting; Digital Tribes manages our client's freelance pool, so our client doesn't have to worry about anything.

Services to Our Clients

Our Freelance Management System supports our services, it’s not leading. We are convinced that the human factor is key in our service. Our clients can get access to this environment and can see which freelance IT specialist is available. We ensure that the profiles are up-to-date and that we know how previous projects have gone. Our clients can easily indicate who they are interested in. We then take over and manage the process like setting up interviews, drawing up contracts and giving guidance.

Our clients are developing their own web, app, mobile or .NET CMS project or are Digital Agencies. Clients do not want to outsource the project. Neither do they want or are not able to hire IT specialists themselves. Often because it is a temporary project.

Our client can login to our Freelance Management System and select available vetted Freelance IT specialists or teams for their project. We ensure that the overview of available Freelance IT specialists is always up-to-date and updated with the latest work experience & projects by our experienced resource specialists.

Resource Management

For our clients, we keep track of their Freelance IT specialists. We act as Freelance Resource Manager and keep in touch with the known and new freelancers, know what they can do, when they are available and know the hourly rate.

Our client has no worries about their freelance IT specialists pool.

Tech Stack

The basis for our portfolio is Backend and Frontend developers.

Microsoft: C#.NET, Azure, Sitecore, Episerver/Optimizely, SDL Tridion, Umbraco.

JAVA: Spring Boot, Maven, Hibernate, Struts, Tomcat, Apache, Weblogic

PHP: Laravel, Symfony, Wordpress, Magento 2, Shopify

Javascript: Angular, React, Vue, Node

Cloud: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, ECS, Lambda

And also Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Owner, Agile coach, Salesforce, Oracle Apex