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Recent News

Digital Tribes is verhuisd

Na 4 jaar op De Herven ons kantoor te hebben gehad, zijn we op 21 september 2020 verhuisd naar de Bruistensingel. Hemelsbreed 200m verderop.

"Het werd tijd voor een nieuw kantoor. Gehuurd op de groei, met betere faciliteiten en meer mogelijkheden.", zegt Managing Director Roeland Pluijm.

Native iOS and Android app update release

For TransIP / we develop the native Android and native iOS apps for STACK. STACK is an online cloud storage, comparable to Dropbox.

Our senior mobile Android and iOS developers have upgraded the mobile apps. We fixed some bugs and added new features. Digital Tribes will continue to fix bugs and in September 2020 another upgrade will roll out.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

We manage the entire web and app environment for Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods. We have upgraded the Episerver CMS to the latest version and will continue to monitor and update this environment.

We manage this environment as Digital as a Service. Which means that we are responsible for the functionality of the cms, the front end and the content. Our specialists write the content in consultation with Vreugdenhil and we place it in the CMS. This allows us to avoid issues if something goes wrong with posting content.

Essent IT

We manage the CMS behind for Essent IT.

We have upgraded the CMS and ensure that the content specialists of Essent can add content to the website.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

Implemented the new Sustainablity pages.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods publishes their sustainability report every year. This report is proudly presented on their website. This year Vreugdenhil has chosen to give the pages a different look and feel. Digital Tribes implemented the design and put the content in the CMS.


Content writing

In recent months, a lot of work has gone into launching the open platform for catering professionals. In collaboration with IKONS nl we are happy to help with the marketing and content of Foodl! On to successful collaborations with suppliers and catering companies!