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Hire the best vetted IT teams

Digital Tribes is an expert in building temporary offshore support & development teams.

Digital Tribes has several teams in Vietnam, Latvia, Portugal and other countries. We can support .NET Content Management Systems such as Sitecore, Episerver / Optimizely and Tridion. But mainly we can provide permanent developers, possibly also as an extension of the current team.

I want to know more about distributed teams.

Digital Tribes - Managed Freelance Agency

Digital Tribes is an expert in building temporary support & development teams focused on customer demand.

Digital Tribes assembles the best team, for the project. This can be one of our existing teams, but we can also, specifically for the assignment, assemble a new team. These teams always consist of experienced developers plus a project manager. These teams are managed directly by our client, possibly on a daily basis.

The team can be seen as a team of our own employees, also in terms of costs

We are in continuous dialogue with the best teams all over the world. Using marketing techniques and through continuous community management we will constantly update our vetted freelance management system and build long-lasting relationships with the teams. Our clients know for sure they can choose between the best teams for the project.

What we'll do for your company

Multiple distributed teams

Get access to multiple distributed teams working from Europe, Vietnam, Latvia, Portugal, etc.

Teams suited for your tech

Digital Tribes has PHP, .NET, JAVA, Javascript and fullstack teams

Team continuously at full capacity

Digital Tribes always keeps your team at full strength.

Fair and transparent

Digital Tribes is transparent about margins and hourly rates.

How it works

Contact us

We will have a video call or we will visit your office

We'll assemble a team

Digital Tribes will, in consultation with the customer, assemble the best-fit team

Start working

Digital Tribes draws up the contracts and keeps in close contact with the team(s) about how things are going.

Companies that deploy remote and/or distributed teams:



For Tinka, we develop and manage a number of e-commerce plugins.

The Rent Company

The Rent Company

For The Rent Company, we assembled a remote development team to build a PHP platform under the client's direction.


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